Sockburn Forklift Cartage

If you need a forklift moved for that one off job, or a machine moved with our forklift door to door, give Sockburn Forklift Cartage a call and we will give you a free estimate for your requirements.

We provide outstanding haulage and transport services of forklifts and other machinery, so don’t hesitate to contact us, our experienced staff will give you all the information you need. Have a talk to us about all our machinery transport options in Canterbury.

Forklift, reach truck and machinery cartage

Containers De-Vanned

Factory and machinery shifts

Specialised trailers for low ground clearance items


We Are Here to Help

Any Job

We like to think we can handle just about any forklift requirements you might have, whether agricultural, commercial or industrial. We use quality lift trucks and pallet forks, and our wide range of attachments make just about anything possible!

Get in contact with us in Canterbury for machinery transport services today.

Easy Transport

Our specially designed trailers are capable of carrying forklifts and construction equipment up to 17 tonnes and up to 3.6 metres high without having permits.

Because of their unique designs they have a gradient of only 3 degrees which makes them perfect for carrying low to ground equipment. 

Our Trailers

We use two unique trailers for transporting a range of forklifts and other heavy machinery, which are able to move a range of forklifts and other heavy machiney, meaning that our service is always on time and on point.

So talk to our people and find a machinery transport solution with minimum fuss in Canterbury today!

Doesn’t run? No worries!

3 wheels?  No worries!

Extra low ground clearance?


Sockburn Forklift Cartage